Construction Crew Solutions, Inc. has 19 years of a proven track record for placing the right people in the appropriate job environment. CCS aims to partner with top contractors and sub-contractors in the Southeast to reach mutually beneficial goals. CCS pays competitive plus wages on a weekly basis, with no daily tickets or daily headaches. CCS provides an unrivaled safety program and affords benefits to employees in conjunction with all ACA laws. CCS’ reputation is built on hard work, customer services, and ethical treatment of employees as well as customers.

Construction Crew Solutions, Inc. assembles job-specific crews for self-performing contractors or those who are having trouble finding a suitable sub-contractor for their needs. Our crews will still be under the General Contractor’s supervision, but provide the manpower and experience without having to hire or carry the payroll expense. Construction Crew Solutions, Inc. is a supplier of skilled, semi-skilled and general labor. We have combined the years of experience and relationships to develop this new brand and provide crews and employees to supplement contractors and sub-contractors in all phases of their projects. We have partnered with companies by providing quality people at a fair price while maintaining a safety-first approach. CCS recruits job specific individuals with a proven 3 step hiring process.

3 Step Hiring Process:

  • Dual interview process
  • Trade specific safety training
  • Aptitude testing

Our staff possesses years of experience, whereas most labor providers have a revolving door. Combining our staffing experience and understanding with the contractor’s field knowledge helps provide the best possible solutions to each of our customers’ needs.



The following are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Provides quality people and crews for customer specific needs
  • Safety Program and Safety Director
  • Established work forces in NC, SC, VA, GA, FLA, TN, KY and AL
  • .88 Mod or EMR rate
  • Cover all payroll taxes, WC, GL, and ACA expenses
  • Employees are paid weekly
  • E-verify compliant
  • Certified Payroll, Davis Bacon Act Payroll and Administration, CCIP, ROCIP, and OCIP capabilities
  • ACA administration in house in compliance with federal law
  • Weekly invoicing for customers
  • WC $1,000,000.00
  • GL $1,000,000.00 with a $5,000,000.00 umbrella
  • Auto $1,000,000.00
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